Custom Video of Your Campground for Your Website!

Talent House announces the opening of our new video products. Using our many years of experience in photography we will give you a professional video optimised for your website. Internet video has come a long way and we want to show the world the great beauty of your campground. Visitors to websites will click on a video to get a better look at your campground. You can also use the videos on social media sites to help in promotion.


We Visit Your Campground and Spend the Day Shooting

Before arriving at the campground, we contact you to script/storyboard the video. We decide where to shoot and what to feature. We work with you to promote your campground so that the video adds value to your other advertising efforts. Then we set up a date to visit the campground and shoot the video. The video is then edited together with your choice of music, voice-over and informational text. We deliver 5 - 8 minutes of professional video formatted for use on the internet.


This is where we decide what you want to shoot and promote, the style of video and where it will fit into your website.


We then layout the timing of the shoot, where we shoot first, the timing of the camera panning and the placement of props.


Here we write what will be said or typed over the video.


The day of shooting we arrive ready to follow the plan developed in Pre-Production. This will envolve moving equipment to the various locations, setting up props and people, and shooting the elements that will make up the finished video.

Using People

We will provide all of the forms and documents you need to have people in your videos. Of course using people is your choice.


During this phase of the process, we take the master footage and edit it together to create a seamless video. Audio, transitions and captions are added as outlined in the script.


You will receive your videos, formatted for use on your website, on CDs.


The videos can be formated in several different ways depending on your preference.



Custom Packages starting at $2,000

Contact us today to reserve your time and date for your custom video shoot. Spaces do fill up fast and the time for your website upgrade is now.