We have over 35 years experience designing brochures for the campground industry. We know what you need to do to promote your campground...to grow your campground. Our process benefits you, our customer because we travel to your campground*, take professional pictures, and determine a customized approach for your brochure. This is all we do during the camping season, travel, travel, travel. In the fall, we begin to design the brochures. The process is that we look at the photos that we have from the campground, decide what is that campground’s best feature and pick the cover shot.

We take our pictures with the high quality digital cameras. Our brochures have the clearest, most brilliant colors of anyone. We put your campground in front of the world in the best context, and that will get you more campers. Then we group the other shots into categories, choosing the best first. Next, we decide the style of campground or the personality that best fits. Is it playful, quiet, upscale or is it for the common man. The personality of the campground influences our decision about color, fonts, picture placement and size. The personality of a campground is so important, it sets you apart from the campgrounds around you and attracts the type of clientele you wish to stay.

We have a partnership with many of our clients, they have counted upon us to provide the correct type of brochure that gets them the best Return-On-Investment. Contact Talent House today and see how together we can promote your campground.


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